If you expect that your movers will be able to transport all of your belongings without checking the contents of the boxes that you have packed, you are wrong. There are certain local restrictions and government policies that movers need to stick to and follow in order to avoid paying fines.

To help you learn more about the things that can only be transported with a special permit, which not every moving company has, we will list some of the items which you will most probably have to transport yourself. This will help you avoid any last minute problems with your mover and will ensure a stress-free relocation.

Plants and seeds. Transportation trucks usually provide no light or air circulation, which are necessary so that the normal functions of your household plants will not to disturbed. This is why movers will refuse to transport them.

The same reasons explain why they will also refuse to transport cats, dogs, and other household pests even if they are kept in special cages which won’t allow them to move freely.

Toxic and flammable materials, as well as fuels, are absolutely forbidden as you could have guessed yourselves. Even some of your household cleaning chemicals may not be transported if they are considered hazardous.

Food which is not canned or tinned. Even a short-distance mover won’t allow you to transport food that is not packed well. Fruit, vegetables, sauces, and other types of food that have a shorter expiration date are strictly forbidden.

Of course, these are only few of the items that a local mover may refuse to transport. In order to get the complete list and pack smart, we recommend you to first contact your relocation contractor and ask him to send you his full list of items which won’t be transported by the mover’s truck driver. If you have decided to work with Stress Free Moving & Storage Company of West Palm Beach, FL, you may consult us at (561) 687-1099!