Congratulations on your recent move. You’ve done a successful job at packing and donating items that you don’t need. But unpacking can still be a messy endeavor. A 2016 Census survey reported that 11.2 million Americans made their move to a new home, and 42.2 $ of them moved because of space reasons. Whether you throw out old junk or not, chances are if you’re not organized you could end up in a stressful mess in your new home, no matter how big – or small – it is. How do you unpack and keep tidy? With these simple, time-saving tips.

Before the Move

Before you dive into packing anything and everything in random boxes, label each box for each room and give it a designated area. Don’t overwhelm yourself with all of the rooms in your home or even worrying about donating items you don’t use. You will come across these items when you give your whole attention to one room. Give yourself the time in advance to focus on all of the rooms in the house. For larger rooms, wait until your spouse, friends, or family can help. Try to avoid stress that can attach itself to moving.

Study your new floor plan to get a feel of where you’d like the heavier items to go. For example, if your teenager’s room is in the basement, move his/her beds and dressers and heavier items to the appropriate location first. When all of the heavier furniture is moved to its proper place first, unpacking the boxes and smaller items will become simpler. Don’t move the bigger items such as furniture. Find local furniture movers in West Palm Beach location to assist with the bigger items. Keep a checklist of the important items that you’ll need first (hairdryers, toiletries,etc;) and then label that box to be one of the first that gets placed.

One Room at a Time

Instead of tackling the very first room you encounter, choose a room that you feel more productive working on. Perhaps your office is a place you’re more familiar with and can tackle the packing and unpacking at a reasonable pace.

Unpack the Essentials

In the beginning, only unpack the essentials that keep your daily life afloat. Your important essentials box comes first when unpacking begins. This will save you time and money from searching for these items in a panic.

Communication is Key

Having the assistance of expert movers is ideal. But being in communication about designation locations for boxes and furniture is even better. This creates a positive environment and a successfully tidy unpacking experience for you and your family. And a professional moving company can offer a stressless transition!

Leave your big move to the professional movers in West Palm Beach. With years of moving experience under our belts, our team of Stress Free Movers will gladly help you feel at home in your new place! Call us today for a free quote.