Moving has its ups and downs – you feel excited to downsize or upgrade. Your teenage son can finally have his own room. Perhaps you’re ready to create a better office environment for work. Even if you feel relieved and excited to be moving out of your old home and into someplace new, stress can take form. And the rushing around and unpacking is the only reason for stress. Studies show that people experience moving-related stress because of emotional attachments.These helpful tips will encourage you to handle stress when moving into your new home.


Saying Goodbye

Whether you’re moving out of state or out of a neighborhood, chances are that you’ve shared some happy memories. Spend time with neighbors, throw a party or visit the neighborhood park to revive those memories. You don’t have to say goodbye to the memory of each place you were a part of when you resided in your old home.


As soon as you feel as though your move is becoming more of a headache than excitement, ask for help. Friends and family can take the load off, even if it’s by being there to listen and laugh with you. 40 percent of moves are for job-related reasons so this can be a little difficult, especially for those who retire or have been there for quite some time. It’s OK to feel emotional, but when it becomes overwhelming, it’s time to ask for help. Talking with a friend or family member can help release the mental and emotional stress.

Get Organized

Unpacking your belongings can seem endless and this can be stressful, especially if help is scarce. The American Demographic Society suggests that we can save 16 minutes to one hour a day if we are more organized. Disorganization eventually leads to stress and unproductivity.

When packing, separate each box according their designated place in the new home. Start with the biggest room and work your way to the smallest, all the while getting rid of clutter and belongings that you won’t be using.

Hire the Professionals

More importantly, the help of local movers West Palm Beach provides will make all the difference when coping with move-related stress. A professional moving team can lift and move heavier items into their proper locations but also offer guidance and input when placing these items in your new home. Professional movers can offer support as they understand aesthetic aspects of a home and are willing to help you find the best, efficient placement.

One of the most importants stress-coping tips is hiring a reputable packing service in West Palm Beach to assist with your move. Stress-Free Movers live up to their name because they carry the stress load so you don’t have to. Contact our friendly staff today!