If you are suddenly faced with the need to relocate in a matter of days with all your stuff and family members, this can be a horrific experience. One of the biggest problems will be taking all of your furniture with you. You may not need or use all of the stuff, but have no place to store them. This is one of the scenarios we see pretty often. Sometimes, it’s more affordable to buy new furniture in your new place instead of transporting the old ones. For example, if you have some heavy IKEA furniture to take, it’s cheaper to leave them behind instead of paying double for their transport.

Top notch services at reasonable pricesOne way people often deal with such decisions is by donating some of their belongings for charity or giving them away. If you have the time, you can also organize a garage sale. It won’t bring you a lot of money in return, but it will help you lose some luggage and get some money in return. As a mover, I’ve seen people do all of the above, and know that a garage sale can be a pretty good investment. You can sell even stuff you think is junk. Just pack several boxes of things you won’t have space for, and take them outside.

Some of our customers choose to promote some of the larger pieces of furniture online. So, when the mover comes, the house is emptied from appliances, and the customer has made enough money to buy new ones after the move. You can post furniture and technology up for sale on auction sites online.

Another way to deal with such problems is with the services of a mover. Some relocation companies also perform storage and safekeeping services. So, you can put some of your things in a storage container, and they’ll keep it safe in a container yard until you choose to pick it up.

If you decide to sell some stuff in the last moment, set them aside during the relocation, put some price tags on them, and let the people around take a pick. Keep the prices simple, and give plenty of discounts, and you’ll be done in no time.

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